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You are my sleepless nights
and warm Decembers.
You are the stuffed lion gathering dust on my top shelf.
The book never read,
the poem never written,
the vanilla scented candle
and the pencil I lost but always found again.
You are "hey there" and "so long,"
the extra spoon of sugar in my morning coffee,
the moth in my bedroom that I left alone.
You are the yes after the maybe,
the awkward hug,
the pajama bottoms two sizes too big,
the "I don't know how to put it"s,
a full day of movie watching,
and the one time I ran away after crying at school.
You are a rough cheek,
the scent of fresh laundry,
warm hands.
You were the only person who went after me.
You are the poem memorized line for line,
the library book returned on time,
the song on loop, running through my mind.
You are lazy afternoons spent counting clouds;
the unsaid word dancing at the tip of my tongue.
You are my sleepless nights,
and warm Decembers,
and all the mornings I woke up smiling.
:iconheavenswolf:heavenswolf 3 1
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Dear You
I like how your soft laughs are giggles;
How you smell like clean laundry
And play guitar like a folk angel from folk heaven.
I like how you wear old person slippers to school;
How you walk with an awkward shuffle
And let me idly stroke your hair.
I like how your eyes crinkle at the sides when you smile.
I like how you fly softly into my dreams at night
And when I'm awake.
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How did you get those scars?
And I asked her,
"Do you remember
why I counted tiles-
sat in silence for hours,
wishing on the black holes
in my pockets?"
Stuttering against quiet delusions,
She bit a vintage tongue.
I tried to bury myself alive that night,
just to engrave the taste of rose thorn monsters
between the cracks of my glass skin."
Licking dry lips,
She asked to taste them.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 981 245
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Mornings After the End of the World
I am woken in the middle of the dawn's light
By the sound of the butcher's knives going "swack"
In the apartment below
And the sounds of something tapping on the glass at my window.
It creaks at me, and whines and howls
But cannot break through uninvited.
Some rules still apply, even after the end of the world.
The tree rips up its roots and stalks away, unsatisfied.
There's a vampire on the phone
"Have you thought about life insurance?"
I tell her I'm not interested, one life's as good as another.
"Have you thought about eternal life, then?"
"Don't those two things cancel one another out?"
"I'm flexible."
But does it really count if Earth corrodes like the weathermen say it will,
And the vampires are left in the trackless void of space
Wouldn't they explode from lack of air pressure, just like the rest of us?
There's nothing in my place but saltine crackers
Of course, the grocery stores will give you a line of credit for a skin sample
But then there
:iconalizabith:Alizabith 227 95
A Meeting
You will notice first, the bone jutting
from my meat, it is called teeth,
These are my lips;
This, like so, is called a smile.
And then there are the fabrications that I wear
The layers of silk, of wool,
of iron air
(indeed there is an air that I am not quite there)
- And feathers I have wrapped into my hair
And Afghan pearls, and finally
My hands, hare-fleet, and meeting
:iconrober2:rober2 164 28
The Gap - Pages 20 + 21 by Peris-Productions The Gap - Pages 20 + 21 :iconperis-productions:Peris-Productions 819 202
The Little Sparrow
Her name was Emma, and she wasn't afraid of falling. For as long as she could remember she had been jumping - always plummeting. She understood the laws of nature: no matter how high she climbed, gravity would always carry her back to the ground; gravity would always grant her momentum to fall and wind-resistance to float. She understood why birds had wings and humans didn't; it was because humans would just as soon leave, and they belonged on the ground.
They always called her a little sparrow, always trying to fly, but they never understood that she didn't want updrafts or wings, she only wanted to scale walls and scurry up trees, to test the limits.
She wanted to throw herself from rooftops and swan dive from balancing bars, challenging inertia and gravity and the laws of motion. She wanted to cannonball into puddles and see if the ocean caught her, or if she merely fell through the earth  to the steaming, bubbling core. She wanted to lift up her arms in triumph, her hair
:iconsense-and-stupidity:sense-and-stupidity 456 99
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United States
Hey. I'm a person.

You've probably never heard of me.
:iconneoncharlie: tagged me like a whore.

1. What genre of music is your faaaaave?
Rock and folk are my lovers. We engage in coitus regularly.

2. Most embarrassing moment?
Being born, cause I was naked in front of people. Also crying. Also covered in blood and placenta (presumably).

3. Do you write?

4. If so, who are some of your characters?
My favorite is Victor. He's 200 years old, bipolar, space-faring, and very lonely.

5. Fave ship?
The Titanic.
(Holmes and Watson, hurrdurr)

6. Fave fandom?
I don't fandom over things. I just really like them.

7. Fave character that isn't yours?
Rrrreaver. Or Marceline, I enjoy her thoroughly.

8. Numero uno fave book?
I like several!

9. Movie?

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